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Who can enter?

  • Anyone who works in farming on the Island of Ireland.

  • Please note that past winners are not eligible to enter the competition.

FOTY LOGO 2017.png

Why enter?

  • Share in a Prize Fund of over €15,000

  • National exposure in Ireland's top selling daily newspaper, the Irish Independent, and their 13 regional papers. 

  • Online exposure through FarmerOfTheYear.ie, Independent.ie, Farm Ireland and our extensive social media channels. 

  • Prestige of being recognised as the best in your business.


Entry Process

  • Round 1: Entries are accepted through our online system.

  • Entries close for Round One on September 30th 2019

  • Round One: Successful entrants will be asked to submit further information for Round Two.

  • Shortlist announced in The Farming Independent.

  • Shortlisted finalists will be contacted by a judging team to arrange a site visit to their farm for Round Three.

  • Category winners will be announced at the awards ceremony and black tie dinner on November 14th 2019 in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone.

Terms and Conditions of Entry