Case Study: Zurich and Three introduce an industry first with cutting edge quoting app.

How Three helped Zurich deliver a state of the art risk management service for their brokers and farm customers that’s transformed a previously cumbersome industry process by developing a mobile solution which has significantly helped Zurich grow their business. 

Michael Doyle   Head of Agri Business - Zurich

Michael Doyle

Head of Agri Business - Zurich


Zurich Insurance is one of Ireland’s leading general insurance companies and offers a range of products including home, private motor, commercial property, business and professional indemnity insurance. It employs over 400 people across its locations in Dublin and Wexford. Farm insurance was one gap in its portfolio that it was working hard to fill. In 2012, the company launched a farm insurance proposition into a segment dominated by two competitors. Within two years Zurich had significantly grown its share of the broker market. “Insurance is all about protecting what customers’ value and providing an excellent, effortless service. Our product is fantastic and the price competitive, so we achieved a great footing in a short space of time, but we were convinced there was a better way for brokers to meet the insurance and risk management needs of farmers,” says Doyle. The rural nature of the farming sector means brokers were traveling long distances to meet their customers. They would survey the property, have a look at the farmer’s current pricing structure, take down the details, return to their office and submit the forms to the insurer before being able to offer a quote. This was a cumbersome industry process for insurers, brokers and farm customers.


With Three providing Zurich’s mobile requirements, the network operator was a natural place to start looking for a way to improve a remote business service. Michael Doyle explained the problem and Three came back with a solution, the Zurich Enterprise Mobile Framing Application that takes paperwork out of the process and means a broker can quote on site and receive cover within 30 minutes. At its core is a piece of middleware, built by Three’s software development team that integrates with Zurich’s backend system in its Dublin office. Developed over a six-month period, Three worked closely with Zurich’s in-house IT department to come up with JavaScript software designed specifically for Apple and Android devices. Using a tablet, the broker is now able to take down a farmer’s details electronically. No more paper forms. The information is entered into a prepopulated template built by Three to Zurich’s requirements, before sending it off to Zurich over 3G or 4G, depending on network availability. The farmer’s signature can also be captured along with a visual record of the site. Using the camera that is a standard feature on tablets, the broker can photograph outbuildings and send the pictures in with the quote application. This information helps the underwriter better assess the risks and provide a more accurate, as well as timely, quote. It’s also very important if there is a claim to have a visual record of a building to easily assess how much is has been damaged. The online application process is accessed in two ways. The broker can either work from a downloaded app on their tablet, Apple iPad or Android, or log into the system through a browser. The app is currently limited to Zurich’s leading brokers who are experienced in selling farm insurance to farmers, providing them with a fast-track service that helps differentiate them in a highly competitive market. Another 150 brokers use the browser-based version.